20 most intriguing facts about the Vikings

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1 Vikings known to have entered America nearly 500 Years before Christopher Columbus first

2 They were great traders, taking bronze scales with them on trips to weigh money and metals.

3 During their time, first born girls (and sick babies) were probably killed or abandoned in
hopes of conceiving a son.

4 350 Viking ships managed to attack London via the Thames River in 851AD.

5 Rich Vikings ate from metal plates, enjoyed imported wine from Germany, employed skalds
for epic poetry & rode horses.

6 They believed in Christianity and theorised that building bridges and roads helped their soul
go to heaven and medicine angered their Norse god. Good health came from being pious.

7 Vikings had notorious harsh punishments. A law-breaker could be killed by anyone

8 Vikings believed God sent them to this world as a punishment for the people in England

9 They built big ships which were able to carry at least sixty men. But there were no toilets.

10 On average, Vikings lived up to forty years.  Women died young. Children became adults at
the age of 12.

11 Vikings loved brightly coloured clothes and the rich wore silver armbands.

12 In 939AD Vikings from Dublin conquered the whole country and England was as one. King
Cnut was the first Viking king of England.

13 Viking pastimes included board games and music. But bloodier games were more popular
including horse & cockfighting.

14 Vikings settled their disputes with wrestling.

15 It is believed, during the Vikings, a male slave was worth over 24 cows. Female slaves were
about 7-8.

16 Viking women could divorce their husbands if they show too much chest hair. After the
divorce, men were required to pay maintenance payments.

17 During the Vikings time Wood and Timber was as expensive as precious metals.

18 During the Easter of 845, Vikings occupied Paris. King Charles the Bald had to pay 2600
Kilograms of gold to make them go away.

19 Vikings built their ship ropes using whale skin, and their ships were able to travel over 200
KM a day.

20 Common English Northern greeting “EyUp” Originated from the Vikings.

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