Battle of Midway- in rare pictures

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The Battle of Midway was essentially a naval battle fought during World War II. It was fought between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy. In the end, the Allied forces were victorious. Thus, the Battle of Midway was instrumental in ending the threat of further Japanese invasion in the Pacific. We have compiled a list of pictures that depict the Battle of Midway.

Let us take a look at the Battle of Midway- in rare pictures.

1) A picture depicting an American aircraft carrier stationed at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in late May 1942, being readied for the Battle of Midway.

A picture of Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise- Battle of Midway

2) A picture depicting the USS Yorktown. The vessel was subsequently attacked and sunk by Japanese torpedoes in the Battle of Midway on June 7, 1942.

A picture of USS Yorktown- Battle of Midway

3) A picture depicting the Japanese Type 97 shipboard attacking the enemy aircraft from the carrier Hiryu during the Battle of Midway.

A picture depicting the Battle of Midway- Battle of Midway

4) A picture depicting Yorktown burning during the battle.

A picture of the burning Yorktown- Battle of Midway

5) The Japanese carrier Hiryu steers sharply to evade bombs released by U.S. heavy bombers. Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942.

A picture of the Japanese carrier Hiryu- Battle of Midway

6) A picture depicting  American torpedo bombers aboard USS Enterprise readying for takeoff during the battle.

A picture of Devastators of VT-6 aboard USS Enterprise- Battle of Midway

7) A picture depicting the Japanese ship Mikuma shortly before sinking.

A picture of Mikuma shortly before sinking- Battle of Midway

8) A picture depicting smoke rising from the USS Yorktown after a Japanese bomber attacked the aircraft carrier. Additionally, explosions from the fire permeated the air.

A picture of the Battle

9) Black smoke flows from USS Yorktown after suffering a string of attacks from Japanese aircraft during the Battle of Midway, on June 4, 1942.

A picture of Yorktown

10) A picture depicting the USS Yorktown sinking. June 7, 1942.

A picture of the sinking Yorktown

11) The Japanese aircraft carrier Soryu steers to dodge bombs dropped by Army Air Forces B-17 Flying Fortresses.

A picture of Soryu

12) A picture depicting the heavily damaged, burning Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu. The carrier subsequently sank after a few hours.

A picture of Hiryu

13) A picture depicting the thirty-nine Japanese sailors who survived the sinking of the Hiryu. The sailors are under capture on the USS Ballard.

A picture of the captured sailors

14) An aerial view of a heavy Japanese cruiser Mogami destroyed by Navy bombs, in the Battle of Midway.

 picture of a damaged Japanese cruiser

15) Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi and a warship steering below thin clouds while under high-level bombing strike by USAAF B-17 bombers.

A picture depicting Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi and a destroyer manoeuvring below thin clouds

16) An injured U.S. seaman is carried from one warship to another at sea.

A picture of a wounded U.S. seaman

17) A picture depicting a U.S. bomber aircraft landing far off centre, flying right over the head of the landing safety officer aboard the Yorktown-class aircraft carrier USS Hornet.

A picture of a VB-8 SBD

18) A picture depicting firefighters aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-5) after the ship was attacked by three Japanese explosives during the Battle of Midway.

A picture of firefighters

19) A Japanese B5N2 Torpedo bomber is shot down after it attacked Yorktown.

A picture of a burning aircraft

20) The ship crew repairs bomb damage on board USS Yorktown (CV-5), shortly after the vessel was hit by Japanese bombs during the Battle of Midway.

A picture of men doing bomb repair

21) The Japanese carrier Hiryu’s Type 97 shipboard attack aircraft delivers a torpedo attack on USS Yorktown (CV-5).

A picture of a torpedo attack

(C: U.S. Navy / Library of Congress)

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