Operation Barbarossa- in rare pictures

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Operation Barbarossa was essentially a code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union. The operation consisted of many prominent battles. Although the German forces achieved significant victories, ultimately the operation was a failure. We have compiled rare pictures that depict the World War II Operation Barbarossa.

Let us take a look at Operation Barbarossa- in rare pictures.

1) A picture depicting German soldiers posing in front of their stationary vehicles.

A picture of the German infantry- Operation Barbarossa

2) German ski troops donning the one-piece camouflage snowsuit during Operation Barbarossa.

A picture of the German ski troops- Operation Barbarossa

3) A light armoured half-track preparing for an attack somewhere along the Russian war front. July 21, 1941.

A picture depicting German tanks- Operation Barbarossa

4) A picture depicting a German driver inside an armoured carrier during Operation Barbarossa. August 1941.

A picture of a German tank driver- Operation Barbarossa

5) German soldiers watch the Red Army’s movements from their trenches shortly before advancing into Soviet territory, on July 10, 1941.

A picture depicting German infantrymen

6) A rare picture depicting Waffen-SS soldiers being subjected to the Red Army’s aerial and ground bombardment.

A picture depicting Troops from the Waffen-SS- Operation Barbarossa

7) German soldiers using a storm boat to cross the Don River during Operation Barbarossa. The Caucasus region, 1941.

A picture depicting German soldiers on a boat- Operation Barbarossa

8) A picture depicting the Nazis moving a horse-drawn vehicle over a corduroy road during Operation Barbarossa. The Salla on the Kola Peninsula, 1941.

A picture of German troops moving a horse drawn vehicle- Operation Barbarossa

9) A German troop looking over the recently captured city of Kyiv. Additionally, a bridge burns across the Dnieper river.

A picture of a troop

10) A picture depicting the Red Army’s machine gunners during the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.

A picture of Soviet soldiers- Operation Barbarossa

11) A shot German plane goes down over an undisclosed location during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

A picture of a German plane caught on fire- Operation Barbarossa

12) German troops camouflaged in the undergrowth during the battle prior to the occupation of Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1941.

A picture of camouflaged Nazi troops- Operation Barbarossa

13) Russian prisoners of war, left, pictured next to Nazi soldiers preparing for battle.

A picture depicting soldiers- Operation Barbarossa

14) Russian civilians recover their belongings from their burning homes in a Leningrad suburb, October 21, 1941. The territory was said to have been burnt by the Russians as a part of the scorched Earth military strategy.

A picture depicting Russian civilians reccuing their belongings

15) A picture depicting reindeers grazing on an airfield as a warplane takes flight in the background. Finland, July 26, 1941.

A picture of reindeers grazing in a field

16) Heinrich Himmler (left, in glasses), one of the men in Hitler’s inner circle and the commander of the Gestapo and the Waffen-SS, examines a prisoner of war camp in Russia.

A picture of Himmler observing a pow

17) A picture depicting a huge Russian howitzer and its crew stationed in a well-concealed location on the Russian front. September 15, 1941.

A picture of a Russian gun

18) Soviet soldiers looking over the war trophies captured in battles during Operation Barbarossa. September 19, 1941.

A picture of Soviets with Nazi war trophies

19) An aerial picture depicting the destruction in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on October 3, 1941, after one of the battles and during its occupation by Nazi Germany.

A picture of a destroyed Riga

20) During their invasion of Russia, Nazi troops took out many Soviet national emblems. July 18, 1941.

A pictur eof Nazis removing Soviet symbols

21) According to the Germans, this picture depicts a view of Leningrad during its siege.

A picture of Leningrad

22) An array of Russian armoured vehicles move toward the front, on October 19, 1941.

A picture of armoured vehicles

23) A picture depicting Russian prisoners of war captured by the Nazis on July 7, 1941.

A picture of russian POWs

24) Two Russian soldiers, now prisoners of war, examine a large fallen statue of Lenin. Additionally, the rope around its neck was put there in a symbolic fashion.

A picture of soldiers observing a fallen statue of Lenin

25) A picture depicting Russian prisoners en route to Germany, on October 3, 1941. During Operation Barbarossa, several million Soviet soldiers were ultimately sent to German prison camps and the majority of them never returned alive.

A picture depicting a trainload of pows

26) German troops wearing heavy winter clothes march through a district near Moscow in November 1941. Ultimately, the harsh winter was one of the main reasons for Operation Barbarossa’s failure.

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