16 Weird museum exhibits found across the world

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Museums are institutions that preserve historic and modern artefacts. However, there are some museums that display weird and sometimes downright creepy exhibits. Hence we have compiled a list of weird museum exhibits found across the world.

Read about the 16 weird museum exhibits found across the world!

1) You can see parts of Albert Einstein’s brain at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, USA.

A picture of Albert Einstein-weird museum exhibits

2) Amsterdam’s Museum of Torture houses over 100 grim medieval torture devices including an impressive skull.

A picture of torture devices- weird museum exhibits

3)  Mütter Museum’s most famous weird exhibit is the soap woman. It is essentially a 19th-century body that was burned and combined with chemicals to turn her into soap!

4) A 30-foot tapeworm pulled out of a woman’s stomach is on display at the Museum of Parasitology in Tokyo, Japan.

A picture of a tapeworm- weird museum exhibits

5) Texas’ Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum has a weird exhibit full of cockroaches dressed as Elvis Presley.

A picture of cockroach Elvis-weird museum exhibits

6) As the name suggests, the Icelandic Phallological Museum exhibits all things penile. They even have a special section for whale penises.

A picture of the Icelandic phallological museum- weird museum exhibits

7) Our list consists of all things weird so it’s no wonder that it has Italy’s ‘Shit Museum’. A fun fact about the museum is that all of its exhibits are repurposed out of cow dung!

A picture of the shit museum

8) The ‘Froggyland Museum’ in Croatia displays taxidermied frogs in human positions such as sitting in classrooms and rowing boats.

A picture of the froggyland museum

9) Galileo Galilei’s middle finger is one of the weird museum exhibits at the Galileo Museum in Italy.

A picture of Galileo's finger

10) The Museum of Mummies displays more than 100 naturally mummified bodies. It also displays the world’s smallest mummy.

A picture of the mummies displayed at the museum of mummies
(C: Flickr)

11) Hollywood’s Museum of Death displays the severed head of the notorious French serial killer Henri Landru.

A picture of the head of Henri Landru
(C: John Mosbaugh- Wikimedia Commons- CC BY 2.0)

12) Other weird museum exhibits found at the Museum of Death are the photos of the dismembered body of a woman’s ex-boyfriend. It’s on display under the title ‘For your consideration’.

13) Siriraj Medical Museum is certainly not for the faint-hearted! It has weird exhibits such as mummies and bones. Additionally, it even displays the corpse of Si Ouey, a serial killer notorious for eating children.

A picture of Siriraj Medical Museum
(C: MikeCurran- Flickr)

14) The Catacombe Dei Cappuccini, Italy is truly macabre! The catacombs house over 8000 corpses and more than 1000 mummies. Its most famous exhibit is the well-preserved body of Rosalia Lombardo. Dubbed as the ‘sleeping beauty’, her body is remarkably preserved with all its organs intact!

A picture of the well-preserved body of Rosalia Lombardo
(C: Marwilgeo- Flickr)

15) The Avanos hair museum in Turkey is famous for its weird exhibit of human hair! Passing visitors deposit these locks.

A picture of Avanos Hair museum

16) The last on our list of weird museum exhibits found across the world are the plastinated corpses at the Plastinarium museum in Germany. Additionally, they also demonstrate the graphic yet gripping process of plastination to the visitors.

A picture of the plastinated corpses

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