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110 Important historical facts that you must know!

History is littered with amazing historical accounts and facts. However, did you know that almost 97% of human history is lost? Hence we have...

Best Roman Emperors in History – Here are 10 of them

Roman emperors were the ones who ruled over the Roman Empire. They were mighty rulers and conquerors. As they kept conquering lands the Roman...

6 Bizarre Events In History that will blow your mind!

Bizarre events are present throughout history. Some of these events are so surreal that you almost think they are fictional. Let us explore some...

9 Of Egypt’s Most Famous Historical Landmarks

Egypt, home to the ancient Pharaohs, is a magnificent destination made of tombs and temples that leave visitors in awe. It consists of some of...

Twelve LGBTQ War Heroes and their stories.

Just like the rest of the society, the military too has always had gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. However, unlike today's open pride,...
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