Victorian Era Quiz – 15 Questions

    Queen Victorian of the Victorian Era - A click
    Queen Victorian of the Victorian Era

    The Victorian Era began in 1837 under the rule of Queen Victoria of England. It gave rise to sweeping progress and countless inventions that changed society forever.  The age represents a growing economy, social and political reforms and the Industrial Revolution. Here is a little Victorian Era Quiz for you to crack! 

    A painting of women from the Victorian Era
    Women of the Victorian Era

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      What did the Victorian era’s swimsuits look like?

      • Women could show their legs but their arms and backs had to be covered.
      • Men wore full bodysuits.
      • Men could show their shins and women had to cover their entire body. They could bare their arms from the elbows down.
      • Speedos and two pieces.
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      Who was the Queen of England during the Victorian Era?

      • Alexandria Victoria
      • Elizabeth Alexandra
      • Anne Victoria
      • Mary Louise
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      When did the Victorian era come to an end?

      • 1899
      • 1901
      • 1920
      • 1892
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      What strange photography was popular during this time?

      • Poltergeist photography
      • Photographs of fairies
      • Death photography
      • Mirror photography
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      What did the Victorian Era mark the end of?

      • The Romantic period in Britain
      • The Renaissance in Britain
      • The Enlightenment in Britain
      • The Humanistic Era in Britain
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      Who was Queen Victoria?

      • A distant relation of Anne Boleyn.
      • A German Princess.
      • Daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of George III.
      • Great grand-daughter of Henry VIII.
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      What kind of books rose during this period?

      • Romance
      • Gothic
      • Horror
      • Scientific fiction
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      What were the values of the Victorian Era?

      • Victorian morality which included sexual restraint, zero tolerance of criminal conduct, honesty, hard work, and thrift.
      • Lavishness, sexual promiscuity, and romance.
      • Greed, power, and lust.
      • Charity, modesty, and living below one’s means.
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      What revolution was Queen Victoria’s grandfather, George III, famous for?

      • The Scottish Revolution
      • The American Revolution
      • The Haitian Revolution
      • The French Revolution
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      What disease hit Britain during the Victorian Era?

      • The Plague
      • Swine flu
      • Zika Virus
      • Cholera
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      What was the Great Exhibition?

      • Queen Victoria went on a Great Exhibition of the entire British empire.
      • The first world’s fair.
      • The Great Exhibition was the grand opening of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
      • An exhibition of all the royal jewels.
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      What significant scientific discovery occurred​ during the Victorian era?

      • Dinosaurs
      • The planet Neptune
      • Electromagnetic waves
      • All of the above
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      What odd event did the Victorians get great joy out of?

      • Mourning the dead
      • Going to the doctor.
      • The birth of royal babies.
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      What famous unidentified murderer roamed the streets of Victorian London?

      • William Palmer
      • Eleanor Pearcey
      • Jack the Ripper
      • Madeleine Smith
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      How long were women expected to mourn after the death of their husband?

      • Two months
      • Six months
      • 12 months
      • 12 to 24 months

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