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10 things dubbed as ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’

The 'Eighth Wonder of the World' is an unofficial title given to many places, monuments, sites and even people! These things are considered at...

8 Mighty Ancient African Empires

Africa has a vast and extensive history that spans many centuries. Its history consists of mighty African Empires who were instrumental in shaping the...

Battle of Camden- Key Facts & Brief Summary

The Battle of Camden marked a devastating defeat for the Americans. It was a battle between the British forces and the Patriots which took...

The 20 worst mass killings in history

There are many instances in history which are categorized as 'mass killings'. Mass killing, genocide and massacre are the terms which describe these brutal...

Top 7 Roman innovations we still use today

The Roman Empire was an important part of the Ancient World. It produced some of the greatest rulers, thinkers and engineers in history. Some...
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