American Civil War Quiz – 15 Questions

    A painting from the American Civil War
    The American Civil war

    A battle concerning slavery and its economic consequences, even today, people remember the American Civil War. The battle between the North and South of America lasted from 1861 to 1865. While the Northern elites wanted economic expansion, this would change the southern slaves’ way of life.

    The struggle saw the iconic rise of the Republican party and Abraham Lincoln.

    A painting from the American civil war
    The American Civil War

    Let’s see how much you really know about the American Civil War with this fun quiz! 

    Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost someone very close to him due to the White House’s contaminated water? Read more here.

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      Who was the commander of the Confederate army of the American Civil War?

      • Robert E. Lee
      • Ulysses S. Grant
      • Stonewall Jackson
      • Abraham Lincoln
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      Which of these ships fought in the first battle between ironclads?

      • Monitor
      • Lusitania
      • Titanic
      • Pinafore
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      Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in what year?

      • 1864
      • 1862
      • 1861
      • 1865
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      The Confederate States of America consisted of how many states?

      • 9
      • 5
      • 14
      • 11
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      What was the name given to Northern citizens who opposed North’s war policy and advocated a negotiated settlement with the South to end the American Civil War?

      • Copperheads
      • Sons of Liberty
      • Democrats
      • Union League
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      Which battle was the turning point of the American Civil War?

      • Battle of Cold Harbor
      • Battle of Fredericksburg
      • Battle of Chancellorsville
      • Battle of Gettysburg
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      An American female soldier dressed as a man to fight in the Civil War. Who was she?

      • Virginia Hall
      • Sarah Edmonds
      • Rose O’Neal Greenhow
      • Frances Clayton
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      Where did Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at the end of the Civil War?

      • Anne Spencer House
      • Appomattox Court House
      • McLean House
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      A battle of the American Civil War is also known as the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing. Which one is it?

      • Battle of Shiloh
      • Battle of Shiloh
      • Battle of Missionary Ridge
      • Battle of Fort Donelson
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      Which American Civil War general later became president of the United States?

      • Abner Doubleday
      • Ulysses S. Grant
      • George Armstrong Custer
      • Robert E. Lee
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      Which of these was not a Civil War battle?

      • Battle of Manassas
      • Battle of Antietam
      • Battle of the Bulge
      • Battle of Gettysburg
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      Which era followed the American Civil War?

      • Renaissance
      • Gilded Age
      • Reconstruction
      • Reformation
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      Which American Civil War general is considered a primary architect of modern warfare?

      • Stonewall Jackson
      • William Tecumseh Sherman
      • James Longstreet
      • George Armstrong Custer
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      Which semi-military secret organization was active in the Midwestern states during the American Civil War?

      • Skull and Bones
      • Knights of the Golden Circle
      • Order of Assassins
      • Society of the Cincinnati
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      What was the site of the Confederacy’s largest prison camp for captured Union soldiers?

      • Salisbury
      • Attica
      • Andersonville
      • Rock Island

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