Ancient Egypt and Culture – 12 History Quiz Questions

    A painting from ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egypt

    Famous for its ancient civilisation and majestic monuments that are among the Seven Wonders of the World, Egypt boasts of a fabulous landscape made of cultural gems. Ancient Egypt is still looked up to because it laid immense importance to the grandeur of human experience. The tombs, temples and monuments are proof of what all humans are capable of achieving. Even the culture followed here once, surprises and sometimes, seems bizarre to outsiders as it was unique and complex.

    An image of the pyramids made in ancient Egypt
    Egyptian pyramids

    You must know of mummies and Cleopatra, however, are you aware of the other many intricacies of ancient Egypt? Attempt this quiz and you’ll know! 

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      Which insect’s poo did Egyptians view as sacred?

      • Cockroach
      • Egyptian cotton leaf worm
      • Scarab
      • Jewel beetle
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      Ancient Egyptians traded with people in Punt. Near what modern-day country was Punt located?

      • India
      • Turkey
      • No one knows
      • Morocco
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      How did the Sphinx lose its nose?

      • Bird damage
      • Cannon blast
      • Vandals
      • Structural failure
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      Which pharaoh commissioned Egypt’s first pyramid?

      • Khufu
      • Ramses II
      • Khafre
      • Djoser
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      From what location did monuments have to be relocated because of the threat of flooding?

      • Abu Simbel
      • Giza
      • Luxor
      • Alexandria
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      According to Egyptians, the god Anubis weighed what body part after death to decide whether afterlife would accept the deceased?

      • Liver
      • Brain
      • Eyes
      • Heart
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      What did ancient Egyptians call their land?

      • Kingdom of Ra
      • Along the River
      • The Black Land
      • Blessed by Waters
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      What did ancient Egyptians use to cure baldness?

      • Cow urine
      • Onion juice
      • Greyhound’s leg
      • Tabasco pepper
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      Which of the following is now known to be true of King Tut?

      • He had malaria
      • He was disabled
      • He was the product of incest
      • All of the above
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      What was the colour of the Pyramids at Giza originally?

      • White
      • Yellow
      • Multicoloured
      • Sand-coloured, as they are now
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      Before mummying a body, how did ancient Egyptians remove the brain from a body?

      • They cut off the head, removed the brain, and reattached the head
      • They sucked the brain out through a hole above the ear
      • They picked the brain out through the nose
      • We don’t know
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      What spurred the rise of modern Egyptology?

      • Marie Antoinette’s interest
      • The opening of the British Museum
      • Hollywood films
      • The discovery of the Rosetta stone

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