Black Death Quiz – 10 Questions

    A painting of Black Death
    Black Death

    Today, the world is at a standstill due to the ongoing Covid 19 virus. However, this isn’t the first time a global pandemic has changed people’s lives. The devastating Black Death, which began in the mid-1300s, took a greater toll on life than any other known pandemic or war till then. It affected mainly Europe, Asia and North Africa. Did you know that ‘quarantine’ originated during the Black death period? 

    A sketch from Black Death
    Black Death

    If you are on quarantine at the moment or stuck indoors, try a hand at this Black Death quiz.

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    • Question of

      Where did the first ‘quarantine’ take place?

      • Venice
      • Paris
      • Ragusa
      • Berlin
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      Which of these is NOT the cause of black death?

      • Slave trade
      • The Peasants’ Revolt
      • The growth of the new ‘Lollard’ religion
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      Which was the first ever recorded symptom of the Black Death?

      • Swelling of the armpit, neck and groin regions
      • Nose bleeds
      • Difficulty urinating
      • Spotty rashes
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      According to historians, where did the plague originate?

      • Baghdad
      • China
      • Italy
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      Who said that Black Death came from outer space?

      • G G Coulton
      • Fred Hoyle
      • Graham Twigg
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      How did the armies attacking Caffa spread the plague into the town?

      • By catapulting plague corpses into the town
      • By letting loose flea-infested black rats
      • By selling bales of cloth infested with fleas
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      What proportion of the population did Black Death kill?

      • A quarter
      • A third
      • A half
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      When did the Black Death first arrive in England?

      • 1348
      • 1361
      • 1381
    • Question of

      In the second outbreak of the plague, how did doctors help patients recover?

      • They gave the patients crushed emeralds
      • They fumigated plague patients’ houses with herbs
      • They burst their buboes
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      How many times did the plague return before 1405?

      • Once
      • Six
      • It didn’t return

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