Industrial Revolution Quiz – 10 Questions

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    Industrial Revolution

    With the emergence of railways, electricity and so on, it is safe to say that the industrial revolution permanently changed society. It sparked an era that increased human productivity. Before the industrial revolution, workers depended on manual labour and simpler machines. However, the revolution brought a movement of mass production with the help of multi-purpose machinery.

    Had the industrial revolution never happened, we would never have cars, television and so much more. Moreover, most of the world would have to live in grinding poverty as the situation before the revolution.

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    Industrial Revolution

    Here are 10 questions on one of history’s most iconic milestones. Let’s see how well you crack them!

    Did you know that Victorian women tried to attain a 16-inch waist with the help of tight corsets during the industrial revolution?

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      When did the Industrial Revolution begin?

      • 1760
      • 1910
      • 1840
      • 1710
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      What was Thomas Edison’s first major invention at the Menlo Park?

      • Cylinder Phonograph
      • Kinetoscope
      • Electric lamp
      • Tin foil phonograph
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      What did Alexander Graham Bells first say on the telephone?

      • Mr Watson — come here — I want to see you.
      • What hath God wrought?
      • Mary had a Little Lamb
      • This is just the beginning
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      Who invented the Cotton Gin?

      • Cyrus Field
      • Eli Whitney
      • James Watt
      • Elias Howe
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      Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • China
      • France
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      What did James Watt invent?

      • Steamboat
      • Incandescent Light Bulb
      • Electric Motor
      • Steam Engine
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      What was Robert Fulton’s first steamboat called?

      • New Orleans
      • Clermont
      • Hudson
      • Livingston
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      Who brought the Industrial Revolution to the United States?

      • Thomas Jefferson
      • Samuel Slater
      • George Washington
      • Alexander Graham Bell
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      What was the Cyrus Field known for?

      • Diesel Engine
      • Sewing Machine
      • Telegraph
      • Transatlantic Cable
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      In what region of the United States was the Industrial Revolution most prevalent?

      • The Pacific northwest
      • The Southwest
      • The South
      • The Northeast

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