Byzantine Empire Quiz – 15 Quick Questions

    A painting from the Byzantine Empire
    A painting from the Byzantine Empire

    The Byzantine Empire or the Eastern Roman Empire began in 330 CE and lasted till 1453 CE. Over centuries, the empire varied in size and possessed territories located in Greece, Italy, the Levant, the Balkans, North Africa and Asia. Influenced by the Greco-Roman cultural tradition, they developed their own religious practices, political systems, architecture and art. Let’s see if you can crack this Byzantine Empire Quiz! 

    A portrait from the Byzantine Empire
    A portrait from the Byzantine Empire

    Did you know that Emperor Justinian II of Byzantine had another name, called “slit nosed”?

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      What did secret agents smuggle from China to free Constantinople from the trade monopoly in Persia?

      • Panda bears
      • Silkworms
      • Persimmon trees
      • Flower bulbs
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      Which city formed the Byzantine Empire’s capital?

      • Rome
      • Constantinople
      • Athens
      • Aleppo
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      What terrible disease was the Byzantine Empire infected with during Justinian’s rule?

      • Bubonic plague
      • Influenza
      • Measles
      • Yellow Fever
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      Who did Justinian have good relations with?

      • Attila the Hun
      • The Vikings
      • Pope
      • The Germanic king
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      What was Byzantine Empire’s official religion?

      • Christianity
      • Islam
      • Paganism (Roman gods)
      • Hinduism
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      For how many years did the Byzantine Empire last after Rome’s fall?

      • 1,000 years
      • 1 year
      • 100 years
      • 10,000 years
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      Apart from the wars he fought, what was Emperor Justinian remembered for?

      • “Bread and Circuses”
      • Codification of Roman law (Codex Justinianus) C
      • Establishing peace with the Huns
      • Court-sponsored classical music
    • Question of

      What was the official language of the Byzantine Empire?

      • Greek
      • Turkish
      • French
      • Latin
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      Which of the below tasks was not associated with a caste system?

      • farming
      • tax collection
      • shopkeeping
      • shipping
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      Apart from Constantinople, what were the other four sites of patriarchates in the Church?

      • Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem
      • Antioch, Jerusalem, Ephesus, and Istanbul
      • Alexandria, Ephesus, Edessa, and Rome
      • Istanbul, Edessa, Ephesus, and Rome
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      Byzantium showed which modern trait in its early days?

      • Social mobility
      • Abolition of slavery
      • Education for all
      • All of the above
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      What was an unfortunate consequence of Justinian’s expansion?

      • Constantinople itself was exposed to attack.
      • The wars were too expensive, and the government went into debt.
      • His actions prompted a civil war that overthrew the next emperor.
      • All of the above.
    • Question of

      What did the Byzantine Empire’s people call themselves?

      • Romanoi (Romans)
      • Byzantines
      • Emporio
      • Greeks
    • Question of

      What was the largest threat to the Byzantine Empire?

      • Persian armies
      • Slavic armies
      • Greek armies
      • Muslim armies
    • Question of

      What religious ideology swept the Empire in the 8th century?

      • Arianism
      • Iconoclasm
      • Atheism
      • Gnosticism

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