British Monarchy Quiz – 15 Questions

    Portrait of Henry VI, a British monarch
    Henry VI

    In the United Kingdom, the oldest form of government is the monarchy. In the British monarchy called a constitutional monarchy, the Sovereign is the Head of State. Over the last 1200 years, 61 monarchs ruled over Britain and England. Here is a fun way to test your knowledge about one of the oldest and at one point the largest, ruling monarchies. Test your knowledge on British Monarchy Quiz! 

    A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a British monarch
    Queen Elizabeth II

    Check out some of England’s most fascinating castles!

    • Question of

      How many queens of England(both consorts and monarchs) were called Elizabeth?

      • Five
      • Three
      • Six
      • Four
    • Question of

      What royal house does the current Queen belong to?

      • Davis
      • Windsor
      • Bowie
      • Lancaster
    • Question of

      How was Queen Victoria related to her predecessor, William IV?

      • His cousin
      • His daughter
      • His niece
      • His granddaughter
    • Question of

      What church does the British royal family belong to?

      • Roman Catholic
      • Calvinist
      • The Church of England
      • Baptist
    • Question of

      Which of these queens was not Henry VIII’s wives?

      • Jane Seymour
      • Catherine of Aragon
      • Eleanor of Castile
      • Anne of Cleves
    • Question of

      Which English ruling Queen never married?

      • Mary II
      • Anne
      • Mary I
      • Elizabeth I
    • Question of

      Who said, ‘I would sell London itself if I could find a buyer’

      • Richard I
      • Edward I
      • Edward II
      • Henry I
    • Question of

      Who was the first English ruling Queen to be crowned?

      • Empress Matilda
      • Lady Jane Grey
      • Mary I
      • Elizabeth I
    • Question of

      In 2012, a legendary king’s remains were found in a parking lot in Leicester, England. Who was he?

      • King Henry II
      • King Richard III
      • King Richard I
      • Canute the Great
    • Question of

      Who was the only British monarch to voluntarily surrender the throne?

      • King George V
      • King George II
      • King Edward VIII
      • William IV
    • Question of

      Which king died in exile in France in 1701?

      • James I
      • James II
      • Henry VI
      • Edward I
    • Question of

      Who was the first reigning monarch to visit Canada?

      • King George V
      • King Edward VIII
      • Queen Elizabeth II
      • King George VI
    • Question of

      How old was Elizabeth II when she was crowned in 1952?

      • 25
      • 27
      • 19
      • 22
    • Question of

      Which member of the royal family wrote the children’s book ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’ in 1980?

      • Prince Andrew, the Duke of York
      • HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester
      • James Ogilvy
      • Prince Charles
    • Question of

      Two Anglo-Saxon kings were called “the Great.” One was Canute. Who was the other?

      • Ethelred II
      • Harold II
      • Alfred
      • Edward

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