Greek History Quiz – 14 Tricky Questions

    A statue from Greek History
    A statue from Greek History

    The political, artistic, philosophical and scientific advancements in ancient Greece formed a legacy. This had a magnanimous influence on Western civilization. Ancient Greece is the birthplace of literature, drama, mathematics, history, the Olympic Games and democracy. Scroll down for our Greek History Quiz and let’s see how well you do!

    A picture of the city of Athens, a crucial part of Greek History

    Did you know that the word “Utopia” is Greek?

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      The ancient Greek games had religious significance. Which god were they dedicated to?

      • Dionysius
      • Apollo
      • Zeus
      • Ares
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      What fruit did Ancient Greeks love to throw at someone they loved?

      • Banana
      • Grape
      • Strawberry
      • Apple
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      The Trojan war began when Paris, a Trojan, stole a Greek general’s wife. What was her name?

      • Artemis
      • Helen
      • Veronica
      • Aphrodite
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      Which Ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer came up with the theory that planets orbited the sun?

      • Euclid of Alexandria
      • Pythagoras
      • Aristarchus of Samos
      • Archimedes
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      Who wrote the Odyssey, the most famous work of literature from Ancient Greece?

      • Paul of Tarsus
      • Homer
      • Virgil
      • Jonah
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      What did Ancient Greeks use to buy slaves?

      • Money
      • Salt
      • Cattle
      • Leather
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      Which famous Greek mathematician developed the theory a2 + b2 = c2?

      • Pythagoras
      • Archimedes
      • Archibald
      • Galen
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      How does history tell us Socrates died?

      • Old age
      • Firing squad
      • Poison
      • Hanging
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      Which of these movies is about the Battle of Thermopylae?

      • 300
      • Gladiator
      • Troy
      • The Passion of the Christ
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      Who was Alexander, the Great’s teacher?

      • Plato
      • Archimedes
      • Aristotle
      • Ptolemy
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      Which of these gods did Ancient Greeks NOT worship?

      • Zoroaster
      • Zeus
      • Athena
      • None
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      When was the first modern Olympiad held?

      • 1904
      • 1908
      • 1896
      • 1900
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      Who wrote an oath to uphold ethical medical standards and a version of it still observed by medical professionals today?

      • Sophocles
      • Eumenides
      • Hippocrates
      • Aeschylus
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      Who was the Greek god was the king of the underworld?

      • Hercules
      • Hermes
      • Hades
      • Apollo

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