Ottoman Empire Quiz – 15 Questions

    A painting from the Ottoman empire
    A painting from the Ottoman empire

    The Ottoman Empire, founded by Osman I ruled for over 600 years. They are famous for their achievements in science, art and medicine. Historians believe that the Ottoman empire could grow so fast, as other countries were unorganised and weak. On the other hand, the Ottomans used unique tactics and advanced military organisation for the time. Try a hand at our Ottoman Empire Quiz!

    A painting from the Ottoman Empire
    Ottoman Empire

    Did you know that an Ottoman ruler gave less of a donation during the Great Irish Potato Famine as he didn’t want to embarrass Queen Victoria?

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      What was the most popular sport played in the Ottoman Empire?

      • Oil wrestling
      • Sword fighting
      • Curling
      • Soccer
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      Which Ottoman ruler conquered Constantinople?

      • Mahmud II
      • Mehmed II
      • Bayezid II
      • Murad II
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      Which of these progressive policies was practiced by the Ottoman Empire more than most other rulers?

      • Child labor laws
      • Marriage equality
      • Religious tolerance
      • A slavery ban
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      Which of the following territories did the Ottomans never conquer?

      • Algeria
      • Bulgaria
      • Crimea
      • Iran
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      When did the Ottoman Empire fall?

      • 1254
      • 1922
      • 2005
      • 1042
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      What was the name of the system that allowed non-Muslim minorities within the Ottoman Empire to be governed by their religious leaders?

      • The millet system
      • Sharia
      • The Tanzimat
      • The concessions
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      When was the Ottoman Empire founded?

      • 600 AD
      • 4000 BC
      • 1300 AD
      • 1900 AD
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      What were the Ottoman Empire’s elite slave infantrymen called?

      • Samurais
      • Ghazis
      • Janissaries
      • Sipahis
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      How did the Ottomans conquer much of Europe?

      • Violently
      • Peacefully
      • Through trickery
      • Through religion
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      What was a dragoman?

      • A hermit
      • A translator
      • A clergyman
      • A warrior
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      Which continents did the Ottoman Empire spread to?

      • Eurasia and Africa
      • North and South America
      • Asia and Australia
      • Australia
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      What was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire called?

      • The Czar
      • The King
      • The Sultan
      • The Pharaoh
    • Question of

      What was the name of the Ottoman-Russian agreement that enabled Russia to act as the protector of Greek Orthodox Christians inside the Ottoman Empire?

      • Treaty of Sèvres (1920)
      • Treaty of Paris (1856)
      • Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (1774)
      • Treaty of Karlowitz (1699)
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      The Ottoman Empire was in which modern-day country?

      • Turkey
      • Cyprus
      • Japan
      • Liberia
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      What was the name of the secret 1916 agreement that divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire between Great Britain and France?

      • Balfour Declaration
      • Convention of Kütahya
      • Sykes-Picot
      • Husayn-McMahon

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