Ancient Romans Quiz – 11 Questions

    A painting of ancient Romans
    Ancient Romans

    Rome once began as a group of villages along the Tiber River in Italy. These villages fused and formed a nation around 750 BC. Although Rome became a republic and had people chosen representatives, kings ruled the land for more than two hundred years before. There came a transition from republic Rome to a Roman Empire once again, when the famous Julius Caeser, a Roman general took over. Try this Ancient Romans Quiz to see how well you know the country.

    A picture of the remains of Ancient Romans
    Ancient Romans’ remains

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      Which of these emperors did not win a battle against the Goths?

      • Theodosius I
      • Justinian
      • Valens
      • Julian
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      When did the Western Roman Empire end?

      • 19 CE
      • 1500 CE
      • 476 CE
      • 521 CE
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      Which of these Romans did NOT die in battle in Mesopotamia?

      • Valerian
      • Gordian III
      • Julian
      • Crassus
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      Which one of these was not involved in Julius Caesar’s assassination?

      • Marc Antony
      • Cassius
      • Nero
      • Brutus
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      How many heirs did Augustus lose before his death on 19 August AD 14?

      • Five
      • Four
      • Three
      • Six
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      When did Julius Caesar die?

      • 22 BCE
      • 44 CE
      • 44 BCE
      • 22 CE
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      Why was Julius called ‘Caesar’?

      • He was born by Cesarean section
      • Because an ancestor had hair issues
      • He liked fried bread in his salad
      • Because an ancestor had killed a Carthaginian elephant in the Punic Wars
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      Ancient Rome was built on this many hills:

      • 3
      • 7
      • 5
      • 15
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      In ancient Roman cities, what was the marketplace and meeting area called?

      • Forest
      • Forum
      • Forearm
      • Forelock
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      Where did the first Roman road run?

      • Via Egnatia
      • Via Valeria
      • Via Appia
      • Via Flaminia
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      Who was the father of Romulus and Remus?

      • Mars
      • A wolf
      • King Numitor
      • Jupiter

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