WW2 Quiz – 10 Questions

    A click of German soldiers during WW2
    German soldiers during WW2

    World War II or Second World War or WW2 took place between the years 1939–45 and was a conflict that every part of the world took part in. The most notable nations involved were the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis powers were Italy, Germany and Japan. Whereas, the Allies included Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, The United States and China. The conflict was a continuation of the several unsettled World War I disputes. A devastating number of 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 people lost their lives during WW2. Here is a WW2 Quiz; let’s find out how well you know the largest and bloodiest war man ever saw. 

    An image of the US army during WW2
    US army during WW2

    Read of some famous WW2 operations! 

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      Which two countries were the first to declare war on Germany?

      • Italy and Greece
      • Britain and France
      • Norway and Denmark
      • The United States and the USSR
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      Which event is generally considered to be the first belligerent act of World War II?

      • Germany’s attack on Russia
      • Germany’s attack on Britain
      • Germany’s attack on Poland
      • Germany’s occupation of Austria
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      What were the first two western European countries that Germany invaded?

      • France and Belgium
      • Norway and Denmark
      • Switzerland and Liechtenstein
      • Austria and the Netherlands
    • Question of

      What happened at Dunkirk in May 1940?

      • British forces retreated across the English Channel
      • The French army lost a major battle
      • American forces invaded France
      • German forces were defeated in a large naval battle
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      What was the “London Blitz”?

      • Germany’s plan for a blitzkrieg on London
      • A term used for Germany’s bombing campaign on London
      • A series of German missile attacks late in the war
      • Code name for a secret British radar system
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      What was Hitler’s primary justification for invading Russia?

      • Stalin was preparing to attack Germany
      • Germany needed more space for its population
      • Hitler believed that a war on two fronts would be to his advantage
      • He desired revenge for the execution of Tsar Nicholas II
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      What Japanese action created tension with the United States?

      • Its seizure of territory in China
      • Its seizure of territory in Russia
      • Its seizure of territory in Korea
      • Its decision to block American shipping routes
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      Who was the Japanese admiral behind the Pearl Harbor attack?

      • Hirohito
      • Myamoto
      • Yamamoto
      • Matsuhito
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      Which battle is considered to be the turning point for the war in the Pacific?

      • The Battle of the Coral Sea
      • The Battle of Guadalcanal
      • The Battle of Iwo Jima
      • The Battle of Midway
    • Question of

      The Battle of the Coral Sea was a unique naval battle in that

      • It was fought entirely with submarines
      • It was fought during a typhoon
      • It was fought entirely with carrier-based aircraft
      • It was fought primarily at night

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