World War 1 – 15 Questions To Test Your History knowledge

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    Also known as the First World War, World War 1 began on 28th July 1914 and lasted until 11th November 1918. One hundred and thirty-five countries took part in World War 1 and over 15 million people died. The fight involved some of the most significant powers across the world such as the British empire, Russia, France and the United States.

    Here are 15 questions on WW1. 

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    World War 1 soldiers

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      What did the world know WW1 as before World War Two began?

      • The Gas War
      • The Serbian Conflict
      • The Great War
      • The Balkan War
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      Which person’s assassination started the WWI?

      • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
      • Winston Churchill
      • Czar Nicholas II
      • David Lloyd Georg
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      Which of these battles did not occur during WWI?

      • Canal du Nord
      • Verdun
      • Midway
      • Ypres
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      Many WW1 soldiers suffered from what we call today as PTSD, after returning from war. What was the medical term used for it then?

      • Trench malaise
      • Shell shock
      • War fever
      • Brittle from battle
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      What countries did the Central Powers alliance consist of?

      • The United States, Austria
      • Britain, France
      • France, Germany
      • Germany, Austria-Hungary
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      Which international body founded after WWI?

      • International Monetary Fund
      • League of Nations
      • United Nations
      • European Union
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      Who was the president of the United States when the country joined the war?

      • Theodore Roosevelt
      • Woodrow Wilson
      • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
      • Calvin Coolidge
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      Several soldiers wrote novels, plays and poems to share the trauma of war. Which of the following was about WW1?

      • Animal Farm
      • Ivanhoe
      • The Red Badge of Courage
      • All Quiet on the Western Front
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      In what year did the United States join the war?

      • 1917
      • 1914
      • 1916
      • 1919
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      Germany unsuccesfully encouraged a country to attack the United States, in a leaked telegram, to force them into war. Which was the country?

      • Russia
      • Canada
      • Mexico
      • Japan
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      What countries did the Triple Entente comprise of?

      • Britain, France, the United States
      • France, Belgium, Italy
      • Germany, Austria, Russia
      • Britain, France, Russia
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      Around ___% of fallen soldiers from Britain were never recovered and buried. What is the value?

      • 30%
      • 5%
      • 10%
      • 50%
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      Which of these countries did not fight the WW1?

      • Cameroon
      • Australia
      • Papua New Guinea
      • India
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      Which country left the Paris Peace Conference as their ideas were rejected?

      • United States
      • Japan
      • Italy
      • France
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      What was Germany’s plan for fighting Russia and France called?

      • The Hindenburg Plan
      • The Schlieffen Plan
      • Operation Barbarossa
      • Sturm und Drang

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