How well do you know the Tudor Dynasty? Here is a Quiz with 15 Questions

    A sketch from the Tudor dynasty
    Tudor dynasty

    The Tudor dynasty comprised of a series of kings and queens who ruled over England from 1485 and lasted until 1603. Their reign began when Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. The dynasty made England influential and powerful. It also became a leader in Renaissance science, letters and art. The Tudor Era came to an end with Elizabeth I who died unmarried and childless. The throne was then passed over to James I of the Stuart dynasty. 

    That’s not all about the Tudor dynasty! Let’s see how many of the questions below you can get right.

    A painting from the Tudor dynasty
    Tudor Dynasty

    Click here to learn more about Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of the famous Henry VII!

    • Question of

      In 1519 Henry VIII had an illegitimate son also named Henry. Who was his mother?

      • Elizabeth Blount
      • Elizabeth Bounty
      • Anne Blount
      • Anne Flount
    • Question of

      How did Queen Elizabeth, who was famous for her lavish wardrobe react when she saw one of her maids of honour, Lady Mary Howard wearing a sumptuous gown?

      • She stole it in a fit of jealousy and paraded around court in it herself
      • She ordered a grander gown for herself and showed it off to Lady Mary Howard
      • She dismissed Lady Mary Howard from service immediately
      • She insisted that Lady Mary Howard had to change into plainer garb and never wear the dress at court again
    • Question of

      Henry Tudor was called ‘usurper’ after his defeat by Richard III and yet became king. Why did people see him as a pretender to the throne?

      • Rumours claimed that he was a bastard
      • His blood claim was through an illegitimate line
      • He was acting as a puppet to further the agenda of his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort
      • He defeated Richard III using dishonest means at the battle of Bosworth
    • Question of

      In what year did Myles Coverdale’s ‘Great Bible’ get published?

      • 1539
      • 1537
      • 1528
      • 1533
    • Question of

      Something disgusted an Italian visitor on a trip to London in 1497? What was it?

      • How frequently people emptied their chamber pots out of their windows
      • The number of diseased beggars
      • The mud-covered streets
      • The stench of unwashed people
    • Question of

      Mary Tudor married a member of the court after her husband’s death. Who was he?

      • Christopher Brandon Duke of Suffolk
      • Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk
      • Henry Brandon Duke of Suffolk
      • Edward Brandon Duke of Suffolk
    • Question of

      Who did Tomas Seymor shoot instead of King Edward when he tried to kidnap him?

      • Edward’s pet spaniel
      • One of Edward’s half-sisters
      • A member of Edward’s royal guard
      • Edward’s squire
    • Question of

      Whom did Henry VII want his son Henry to marry?

      • A love match
      • Catherine of Aragon
      • An English bride
      • A foreign bride that wasn’t Catherine of Aragon
    • Question of

      What killed Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s third wife within a few days after childbirth?

      • A huge hemorrhage
      • An infection of her reproductive organs
      • Convulsions
      • Toxaemia
    • Question of

      What was Robert Aske’s rebellion against Henry VIII about?

      • Lack of royal support when the country faced a terrible harvest
      • The increasing price of wine
      • The religious breach with Rome and the destruction of monasteries
      • Henry’s penchant for remarrying
    • Question of

      How did wealthy parents protect their children from harsh tutors?

      • They threatened that teachers would lose their positions if they punished their children
      • They paid for private, more compassionate tutors to home-school their children
      • They bribed the schoolmasters to look the other way when their children misbehaved
      • They paid a ‘whipping-boy’ to take any punishment on behalf of their child
    • Question of

      Henry VIII believed that God punished him by not giving him a healthy son from his first marriage. What verse in the Bible did he use to present his argument?

      • A man who takes his brother’s wife will bear no children
      • A man who takes his dead brother’s wife will bear only daughters
      • A man who takes his dead brother’s wife will only have one healthy child
      • A man who takes a wife older than himself will bear no children
    • Question of

      Out of 7 children, only three of Henry VII’s kids survived to become adults; Henry, Mary and who else?

      • Elizabeth
      • Arthur
      • Margaret
      • Edmund

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